Terre d'Antan

~ The seduction ~

Powerful, distinctive, fresh and expressive


Single-varietal, single-plot white Champagne with aging in oak barrels.

Blending & vinification

100% Pinot Noir from the 2013 harvest, coming from a plot in Cumières "Le Bois des Jots", with a chalky soil.  

As for the vinification, the 2013 wines are elegant, typical, lively and balanced, suitable for ageing. 

The selection is made by tasting the berries, with an atypical ageing: the barrel. Malolactic fermentation was carried out on this wine. The final alcohol level is 12°. 

We chose to age the wine on laths for 8 years in order to give it all its character.

Disgorgement was carried out regularly in 2022, with a Brut dosage of 4g/L.

Ageing potential: 2 years 


This Blanc de Noir aged 6 months in oak barrels has a golden colour and a beautiful effervescence. 

The grape variety has left its mark on this cuvée, giving it a complex nose of red fruits and toasted notes. 

The palate is surprisingly fruity with vegetal and quince aromas. 

The finish is long with a light and pleasant bitterness of blackcurrant mixed with vanilla notes of wood. 

Serving temperature: 8/9°C 

Food pairing and Champagne

This Champagne will accompany your gourmet meals, it will go well with a risotto with black truffles, an osso bucco, a piece of lamb with chanterelles. It will surprise you with a cheese such as Brie or Camembert or even spicy or very aromatic dishes such as oriental or Asian cuisine!

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